Monday, 24 September 2012

Book Review: Zombie Holocaust

Zombie Holocaust: How the Living Dead Devoured Pop Culture - David Flint
Never judge a book by it's cover as the saying goes.

When I saw this book poised on the shelf though I couldn't help but be seduced. A cacophony of dream like images of zombies, ghouls, mummies and damsels in distress. Add a title full of mouth-watering promise and it was a book full of potential promise.

I'm disappointed to say though, this book does not live up to his potential.

In his efforts to cover as many titles as possible, Flint adds no substance to the conversation. Films are referenced, but with little critical depth and even less personality.

What little critical view is opined is minimal, slathered in personal bias and filled with contempt for anything that isn't attached to George A. Romero. In fact anything even resembling a review or critical opinion reads like nothing more than Romero propaganda. Flint has plenty of pages in his book for classics, low budget favourites or cult classics, however, he finds no place in his heart for any.


Arguably the biggest disappointment though, is what little connection Flint makes between the films and the pop culture they supposedly devoured. There is nothing beyond a few minor references and nothing in anyway analytical.

Zombie Holocaust does contain some excellent imagery, from film posters to screen shots, but it isn't enough to save it from it's dire lack of content.

Ultimately, Zombie Holocaust is all filler, no maniacal killer. It contains nothing new, different or worthy of note.

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